Residential Property Management

TVO offers complete property management services for occupied and vacant apartments, single family houses, and villas as well as entire residential communities in the capacity of management of Home Owners Associations. TVO Europe will ensure that your property is secured and professionally managed sothat both  you and your tenant are totally satisfied at all times.

TVO has designed procedures and systems enhanced via state of the art operating and reporting technology to manage residential properties professionally across the globe. We employ experienced property managers with local knowledge in order to ensure superior results.

We will ensure that you are kept up-to-date and informed at regular intervals with all information pertinent to your property. While we understand that a hands-free approach is comforting to some clients, it is important for us to keep our clients fully informed.

Therefore, we do not subscribe to a ‘no news is good news’ approach and therefore provide all clients with regular updates regarding their property.

Our Management Services

TVO Europe will ensure that your property is secured and professionally managed so that both you and your tenant are totally satisfied at all times.

Some of the key services we provide include:

  • Secure key-holding services
  • Managing all maintenance issues related to the property
  • Sourcing and overseeing all construction and maintenance works within agreed parameters
  • For new-built properties, we offer a handover service to ensure that all aspects of the property are completed to the expected standard and to your satisfaction
  • Representation and voting on behalf of the client at Home Owners’ Association meetings
  • Collection and redirection of postal services related to the project
  • Regular inspection of the property
  • Creating the terms & conditions of lease contracts
  • Regular and documented communication with the tenant
  • Collection of rent and deposits on behalf of the owner
  • Final inspection and handover of the property at the end of a lease period
  • Renewal and/or termination of lease contracts
  • End of lease assessment to establish any deposit return
  • Access to a 24-hour “help-line” in both the local and English languages
  • Service to provide necessary documentation on request
  • Emergency call-out service and non-emergency maintenance service

Tenant satisfaction is vital to ensure that your property provides you with an optimum income as long as possible. Satisfied tenants lead to lease contract extensions, word-of-mouth recommendations and reliable on-time payments. This is why TVO Europe is committed to making their experience on your property both a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Pavol Frano
Head of Residential Property Services
T: +420 776 165 433