Property Management

TVO Europe has a highly professional and experienced team of managers providing commercial property and facility management services. Our innovative property management strategies help real estate owners reduce their operating costs while enhancing the value of the property and maintaining a superior work environment for the tenants and residents.

With more than hundreds of thousand square meters of properties under management, our market share and buying power allow us to deliver superior cost efficient service that maintains high occupancy levels.

TVO Europe has utilized technology to enhance the procedures and systems to professionally manage properties across the globe. We employ high quality professional property managers with local experience and a 24/7 attitude in order to ensure superior results.

We will ensure that you are regularly updated and totally informed with all financial and operating information and any changes to your property. While we understand that a hands-free approach is comforting to some clients, it important to TVO Europe that we keep our clients fully informed.

Therefore, we do not subscribe to a ‘no news is good news’ philosophy and supply all clients with a monthly operating summary as well as a quarterly asset management report. Regular tenant schedules and debtors reports are also supplied to our clients. Our team also prepares an annual preliminary operating budget based upon a rolling twelve month operating performance and is then  finalized once the previous calendar year’s operating results are completed including an annual reconciliation of service charges.

Our property management team works in cooperation with all other departments in order to provide specific in-depth knowledge on complementary functions, including, but not limited to, leasing, valuation and project management.

Apart from standard property management services, we provide each of our properties under management such benefits as: 

  • Flexible approach to meeting tenants’ needs and maintaining regular dialogue with all occupiers
  • Continuous monitoring and recommendations to improve building efficiencies including power and water
  • Recommend activities for each building’s common areas (e.g. shopping mall common area) to generate additional revenue
  • Take active approach to lease any vacant space
  • Negotiate optimal rates on the purchase of utilities
  • Debt collection services
  • Management of fit-out works including the tendering of supplier contracts
  • Use of advanced software for property management data and floor plans
  • Resolution of building warranty issues

Michal Kratochvil
Chief Financial Officer
T: +420 775 854 943