Passportization provides you with information concerning the differences of shell constructions against documentation. We use our database well-arranged software which is able to completely manage your property and process and analyze all the data.

As output from our software, we offer: 

  1. Book of rooms – floor plans (printed version) – it includes all information about every room (area, furniture, sanitary equipment, doors, windows, etc.)
  2. Book of rooms – floor plans (electronic version – pdf)
  3. Overview of office units
  4. Complete sets
  5. We will process any differences revealed from the marketing documentation:
    Definition of individual rooms, areas, building elements (windows, doors), sanitary equipment (bath-tubs, washbasins, WC), air handling system (type, technical data), electrical installations (sockets, switches, etc.)

Our experience in this field of Property/Facility Management indicates that the original marketing documentation received by the clients in a majority of cases usually does not correspond to the as-built situation, or even to the design documentation… By checking the client’s changes and making technical inspections of office units, it is possible to avoid many difficulties during the actual handover of the new office space without complications and therefore deliver and ensure a positive result.

Technical inspections will make it possible to reduce the time from the final approval, to actual use, and finally to the handover of the office unit because most defects and outstanding work items are revealed and repaired in sufficient time. This methodology ensures there is no down-time or loss of revenue from a client’s scheduled move-in date.

Inspection of dimensions of the rooms, Inspection of all standards, Work Quality Inspection (Rendering of the walls, jointing, installation of doorframes, ceiling integrity, correctness of the outlets, damage to doors, windows, high-quality termination of floor bars, etc.)

Inspection of client’s changes (Client’s changes tend to be neglected and usually do not correspond to original wishes and specifications of the client. Example: Sockets are often located in other positions, or possibly missing. Also, decorations, types of floors, tiling, walls, doors, furniture, etc.)

Inspection of all the equipment  (Installation of meters, correctness of connections and outlets of electricity, air handling system checks, etc.)

We will be pleased to adapt our approach to that of our clients and we will be pleased to set our services in such a way that they lead to their overall satisfaction. We are open not only to new ideas on the part of investors/clients, but also to the solution of problems that may arise during the inspection process.

We only require you to give us a permission to allow us free movement within the facility; the marketing and design documentation is binding on us as it relates to your clients, and your client’s changes.

Michal Kratochvil 
Chief Financial Officer
T: +420 775 854 943