Construction & Project Management

TVO Construction & Projekt Management is a full-service construction and project management platform for real estate lenders, owners, and developers as well as general contractors and governmental agencies across Europe. TVO’s services include assemblin the team for initial project evaluation (due diligence), analysis & evaluation of general contractors, contract management, site observation & review, contractor dispute-resolution, fund administration, risk management, contractor relations, default analysis, maintenance costs, and preventative maintenance programs. TVO specializes in the value-add sector for residential and commercial renovation projects encompassing both tenant improvements & renovations to commercial properties including office and retail. TVO brings together engineering, project management, design and field investigation experience to each project depending upon the assignment and scope of services required. By assembling a group of specialists with broad professional experience in both construction and construction management, TVO elevates its clients, partners and investors to a level that is competitive with anyone in the industry today.

Michal Kratochvil
Chief Financial Officer
T: +420 775 854 943